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Canoe Building Workshops

Come on a Yukan Canoe Building Workshop and use wood, your hands and our expert instruction to craft a beautiful Canadian style canoe that you will cherish forever.

Our weekend workshops are held close to Broadway Market in Hackney. No experience is necessary - all that is required is a willingness to learn new skills and follow instruction. Our workshops are designed with a single builder in mind but two people can work on each canoe sharing the fun and sense of achievement.

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Workshops run from Saturday to Sunday between 09:00 and 17:00 with an hour for lunch. This gives you the opportunity to venture out and enjoy the delicious food on offer at Broadway Market or take a stroll along Regent’s Canal or London Fields Park.


After a brief induction you will be introduced to the basic tools you’ll be using such as drill, clamps, rasps and planes. The workshop is suitable for anyone eager to learn and we will progress at the speed of an attentive novice. However, if your skills are more advanced, one of our master instructors will show you the ropes and get you building faster. The aim is to have your canoe frame fully constructed by the close of day one. We then seal and fill the seams with resin and leave them to set overnight.


The second day begins over a brew when you’ll be given guidance on completing the next stage of your custom canoe build. Our Sunday morning playlist is accompanied by the sound of hand tools, as the workshop floor gradually gets covered with sawdust and wood shavings. Each canoe will be sculpted into its final unique shape that will define how it paddles. After lunch it’s time to add the seat(s), yoke and accessories and discuss the finishing options. At the end of the course the canoes are taken home by our weary but triumphant builders!


Andy Blue

Andy Blue

Born and bred in Hackney. Andy is training to be a marine surveyor and also works repairing and skippering narrow boats and barges. Andy is a qualified British Canoeing Instructor and regularly runs expeditions in the UK and abroad. He has just returned from a 48-hour non-stop canal boat delivery to Watford!

Jonjo Reynolds

Jonjo Reynolds

Born and bred in Hackney. Jonjo knows the Regent's Canal like the back of his self-made paddle. Jonjo is a qualified British Canoeing Instructor as well as a sailing, climbing and swimming instructor and an aspiring latte artist.

Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds
(no relation)

Burt loves a good canoe expedition and keeping the Yukan Workshop running smoothly.

Q. What did you get up to at the weekend?
A. I built my own canoe in Hackney.

Q. Why would you build your own canoe?
A. Because it is good for your soul!

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Our Prices

Weekend workshops cost £695*


Everything you need to build your canoe, including tools and equipment


Hands-on guidance from our master canoe builders


Tea, damn fine coffee and the occasional biscuit or energy boost


Your very own
Canadian-style canoe to take home

*This is the price for a single seat canoe. Canoes can be constructed with an extra seat – details at booking.



As featured in Financial Times How to Spend it Magazine.

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"I have always liked canoes and decided to do the course on my own to have some 'me' time.

I loved it. The course had a great balance between fun and achievement. It was clear that Andy and Jonjo really wanted everyone to come away with a great memory regardless of how experienced they were.

The advice on finishing was very interesting. I intend to keep my canoe forever so spent the following weekends filing, sanding, painting and priming with my children."

Jess and Butch (12)

"I have always wanted to build a canoe and when I heard of Yukan’s Workshop I was all over it!

I like a challenge and wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but with the helpful guidance of Andy and Jonjo (who are brilliant) we kept with the programme. We did sleep well both nights!

It was a once in a lifetime experience, with many memories made and more to come. The build has given us both a great sense of achievement and the thought of paddling our own canoe at my home in Wales fills me with joy. Thank you Yukan!"


This isn’t any canoe! This will be a beautiful wooden one-off made with your own hands. Ours are used for inner city canoeing which is a unique way to see London from a different perspective. A number of our builders have taken theirs home to waters far from London.

We provide all the materials to build your canoe but recommend wearing clothes and footwear that you don’t mind getting stained by resin.

Yes. Yukan can hold your canoe for two weeks while you arrange collection. We don’t have on-site parking, but we do have an easy-access loading bay if you have your own vehicle. Alternatively, we can share details of a good courier.

Our super light 10-foot canoes are designed for London living. They fit on roof racks, balconies and tiny gardens! They look beautiful displayed indoors too. Check out our Instagram feed for inspiration: @yukan.canoe.

Children are welcome and there are plenty of jobs they can assist with during the build. For safety reasons we are limited to one child per canoe (8 or over) and would expect good parental supervision.

You can contact us on the below with any further questions you may have:

0203 797 3064

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